The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives. From the way we study to the way we interact with one another, no area of life seems to have been spared from the brunt of this totally unprecedented global occurrence.

Luckily, no matter how awkward or dire our current situation is, it can still offer numerous opportunities that only true business-minded individuals can effectively take advantage of. In this article, we present three startup ideas for those who want to make the most out of the new normal.

Remote Fitness

Recent years have seen people become more conscious of their health and physical appearance. Gyms are sprouting in cities to cater to the growing demand for workout facilities. Athletic shoes and other apparel are also selling quickly.

However, the pandemic swiftly put a halt to all that. While everyone has been forced to stay in their homes, this doesn’t mean that the commitment to fitness should also be put on the backburner. Home workouts are now a thing, and apps that facilitate such workouts are going to be big for enthusiasts who can’t afford to be idle for long. These people are willing and able to pay, so investing in this kind of business is not really such a bad idea.

Fitness trainers who do not know how to develop and manage apps can make use of video conferencing platforms to deliver instructions remotely.

Remote Work Assistance

The work-from-home setup has been with us even before the virus hit, but it became more recognized and appreciated when lockdowns forced companies to allow this setup for many of their employees.

Of course, the needs of remote workers are very different from the needs of in-office employees. Many of these needs have not yet been addressed well, providing fertile soil for business during this truly peculiar time. Exclusive communication platforms, productivity tracking apps, efficient file-sharing mechanisms are just some areas that tech entrepreneurs can explore.

Aside from their homes, remote workers can also choose to work in shared offices where facilities are better. One of their most pressing needs in this setup is online security since they share an online network with a bunch of strangers. If this can be ensured, then they can fully enjoy the benefits of shared office space without worry. Tech entrepreneurs, again, can provide assistance here.

Online distance learning assistance

Aside from work, classes are also affected by the pandemic. In lieu of in-person instruction, we now have online classes or asynchronous distance learning setups where students control their learning pace. For this new setup to work more efficiently, teachers will need apps or programs that make the creation and administration of online quizzes and exams easy. They will also be happy with tools that allow them to easily make online instruction materials.

It’s true that the pandemic has changed a lot. The good thing is that the changes that this global issue brought about also opened several business opportunities, especially for those who focus on technology. While risks are always present, entrepreneurship is never without its challenges.