2020 is the year when an innovative cloud gaming platform Boosteroid is expected to hit the gaming market in Europe. What it means for gamers is that they will finally have the opportunity to enjoy FullHD gaming (or even better) with no need to install any software on their PC, laptop or tablet.

This cutting-edge technology will soon take over high-end gaming PCs and enable everyone to run the video games from almost any device.

What Is Boosteroid?

Boosteroid is a cloud platform providing web-based online access to video games. The platform ensures high-quality graphics and smooth gaming experience. It is powered by remote high-performance hardware with almost unlimited computing capabilities, which enables tens and even hundreds of thousands of players to use the platform at the same time. Probably, the greatest thing about this solution is that the power of the device no longer matters. The advanced gaming experience is now available on an outdated PC, laptop or MacBook.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Let’s find out what stands behind such efficiency.

This cloud gaming service is based on high-end remote servers located in secure data centers in Europe. Thanks to advanced custom encoding/decoding software tools, the platform is able to provide the fastest possible delivery of high-capacity data packets – a key feature of all video games with high resolution and frame rate.

As a result, developers of the best cloud gaming service managed to achieve maximum responsiveness and interactivity even for the most resource-intensive video games in terms of bandwidth and connection speed. This is a real gaming revolution, since running high-end video games has become as easy as watching a Youtube video. Boosteroid maintains instant interaction between user actions and online interactive video stream, regardless of the capacity of a device used.

Our way to Boosteroid

The project was founded in 2017. Its main objective was to ensure advanced gaming experience for avid gamers all over the world, and make high-end hardware less of importance. This ambitious plan was implemented as advanced custom coding and decoding algorithms were developed to compress and exchange video and audio traffic sensitive to transmission delays in the most efficient way possible.

The pilot version was released in June 2017, and a fully-functional version was made available in Eastern Europe in September 2019 following a closed beta test in Romania. Boosteroid will become available all over Europe and Nort America already in 2020.

Today, almost 100 cross-industry specialists are engaged in the development and operation of Boosteroid. Now we have teams based in the United Arab Emirates, Romania, Cyprus, Serbia and Ukraine. Boosteroid has already gained popularity among gamers in Europe who already enjoy high-quality graphics and instant interactivity of their favorite video games.