Almost every brand has already started using the video format to promote their products or services. For example, Twitter has acquired a new photo and video editor, and Apple is currently working on a new editing app. If you want to start implementing videos into your marketing strategy or have already started such an activity, video editing software is needed. So, let’s have a look at some of the best products that will help you to edit videos easily.


Shotcut has not yet been featured among the popular free video editors, but its popularity is growing rapidly, and there are many reasons for it. This video editor is extremely easy to use. Moreover, there are plenty of features that would satisfy even the most demanding users. A variety of operations are carried out with a couple of clicks or using hotkeys. This tool can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

With Shotcut, you can collage videos, edit them using a fairly wide range of diverse filters (both audio and video), adjust the quality of video and audio sequences, change the volume, and select the desired sample rate.

In addition, the edited video clip can be converted to any of a wide range of available video formats, including WebM, MJpeg, H264, and many others, each with a range of implementations.

All in all, this tool is very easy to use. An intuitive interface helps to quickly understand how to use this program. Even a beginner can cope with it.


Some of the programs for video editing are on everyone’s lips. Others remain not so well-knows, and often undeservedly. Lightworks is a vivid example of not too famous video editing software. Nevertheless, this program is a great one.

Speaking about the free version, it contains all the possible features you may need to quickly process your video: from titles to animated effects, from audio track level control to export to YouTube.

Lightworks comes in two editions: Lightworks Free, and the full-featured Lightworks Pro. The main feature of the free edition is limited export: you won’t be able to save the video anywhere except for uploading to YouTube at a maximum resolution of 720p. In addition, the free release does not support rendering on the timeline and does not provide the ability to manually select folders for storing project files.

Of course, Lightworks is inferior in functionality to more popular programs like Adobe Premiere, Video Pro X, or Corel VideoStudio. But that doesn’t mean that Lightworks is a “housewife” video editor. On the contrary, it has long earned a good reputation among professionals, as evidenced by the huge list of films that have been edited using Lightworks. Among the projects that were created with the help of this video editor, one can name a lot of popular works:

  • “Batman Forever”;
  • “Shutter Island”;
  •  “Centurion”;
  •  “The King Speaks”;
  •  “The Aviator”.

If you’re a beginner eager to find simple video editing software, don’t try to master powerful professional tools right away. It’s better to start with something simpler like Movavi. However, work with video can begin even before the editing stage. For example, you want to record a video instruction from the screen or a greeting card on a web camera, and only then edit and convert it to the desired format. For all these tasks, the company has a comprehensive solution – the video creation software Movavi Video Suite. To get started, download the program from the official website, install and run it.

The program has 4 main tools for working with video:

  • screen video recording;
  • capture from cameras;
  • video editing;
  • video converting.

The first plus is the interface. All tools of the program have a clear name and purpose. This means that you do not need to study the instructions on the Internet for a long time before getting started.

The second plus of this video editing software is convenience. Many things are done here on an intuitive level.

In addition to basic functions such as cutting, adding music, and so on, there are also more interesting tools here. Among them: background replacement, zoom, and panorama, stabilization, selection, and censorship. With their help, novice users can not only improve their videos but also get some foundation for further work with professional programs. The program is great for creating simple videos and films.


The main plus of this tool is the intuitively understandable interface. Its free version provides numerous convenient features that make it possible to edit videos easily.

VSDC does not have high system requirements and will work on any machine with 4GB of memory. Most video editors support a limited set of formats and do not allow you to instantly open a file and get started. Most often, you will have to install codecs on your computer or use a converter.

Virtually all currently known video and audio formats can be read without any problems in VSDC.

VSDC is a semi-professional video editor, but it is also perfect for fast video processing: cutting, rotating, changing speed, working with audio, and basic color grading. The latter, by the way, is implemented using Instagram-style filters that can be applied with a single click.

VSDC differs from most tools in that it has a set of functions of a graphical editor – it makes it possible to add objects. For example, you can get the popular “high definition effect” or the “Hollywood movie” effect in two clicks.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro is one of the world’s best editing tools. Many directors and music video creators use this Apple development. Final Cut Pro X was released in 2011. All advanced pro-level features are available. However, Final Cut Pro X is exclusively for Mac users and requires a Mac with macOS 10.13.6 or later. You cannot download and use Final Cut Pro on Windows. Let’s now have a look at the main features of this program.

  • Quite democratic system requirements. Final Cut Pro X can run on a Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, and an Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card.
  • In Final Cut Pro 7 and previous versions, content management (including video import) was handled with the help of the Project window. Now all the work is done through the Event Library section. This is how Apple promotes an app-based content management approach.
  • The main positive thing about Event Library is the ease of finding and cataloging footage. Each time you launch Final Cut Pro X, it scans all discs and displays the events in a list.
  • In addition, Final Cut Pro X has an automatic content analysis tool that scans all files during import and automatically tags them. Only general categories are used here, such as close-up, medium-shot, general shot, and so on.
  • One of the main innovations in Final Cut Pro X is called the Magnetic Timeline. This is a new approach to video editing that eliminates the need for multiple tracks. All elements are automatically connected to the video fragment and when you move it, they move together with it.
  • Working with all sorts of graphics is almost impossible without tools for distorting, cutting, and changing the resolution. All of these tools are almost as numerous in Final Cut Pro X as they are in Adobe Photoshop.
A bonus: FXhome

If you are looking for more, you can choose one of FXhome’s products. Those include:

  • HitFilm Pro;
  • HitFilm Express;
  • Ignite Pro;
  • CamTrackAR.

All in all, the market is full of interesting solutions, so your options are not limited to the programs we have described. Editing videos is now simpler than ever.