Even though chaos has become almost part and parcel of Twitter under Musk’s leadership, the social media company has rolled out a new feature to appease crypto traders and stock traders alike. In a move that brings crypto and the micro-blogging site closer, Twitter announced that it has rolled out Cashtags, which converts stock symbols into clickable hashtags and lets users easily search for stock and cryptocurrency prices.

In a new tweet, Twitter’s business account lifted the veil of “$Cashtags,” which will enable search results to contain price graphs of prices of listed stocks and cryptocurrencies. Twitter will also show them the market trajectory for the prices, as well as the option to view the prices and trajectory on California-headquartered financial services company Robinhood.

To avail of Twitter’s newest feature, users need to type the dollar symbol – $ – before they type the ticker symbol of the listed company or cryptocurrency whose prices they want to check out. Once you tweet the symbol of the stock, ETF, or cryptocurrency that you want to check out (such as $BTC or $ETH), Twitter will show you a clickable link that will take you to the search results.

And starting today, the search results will sport the pricing graphs for major symbols – an integration that has been made possible by Twitter using a plug-in from the charting platform TradingView. At the time of writing this article, $BTC has been included in 708 tweets in the past hour.

Clicking on the link within a tweet is not necessary while using Cashtags, Twitter noted, adding that it is giving users the ability to search for symbols directly – most symbols will come up in the search results even if you choose not to put the dollar sign before typing in the ticker symbol.

For now, the only cryptocurrencies whose prices can be viewed on Twitter are Bitcoin (the world’s largest and most popular crypto) and Ether (the native token of the Ethereum blockchain). Twitter informed in a thread that it plans to include more symbols in its search results and “refine the user experience” in the coming weeks.

In theory, this feature is tailored to appeal to investors, traders, financial experts, and crypto enthusiasts, and comes as the latest example of Musk’s support for the crypto industry (something that is well known). By letting users view charts and price graphs of major stocks, exchange tarded funds (ETFs), and cryptos all within a tweet, it further solidifies Twitter’s place in the financial world. And from the looks of it, the Chief Twit is appreciative of the team’s work. The (former) world’s richest man stated that it is “one of many product improvements coming to financial Twitter.”