As the end of the year comes around the corner, the time for New Year Resolutions draws near. And even though most resolutions tend to evaporate by February, Netflix is looking to attract individuals to focus on their fitness goals directly from its platform and continues to branch out beyond its core offering of streaming films and shows. With this in mind, the streaming giant has doubled down on fitness content and announced that it will let its subscribers stream fitness content from Nike Training Club (a popular fitness app) directly on the platform.

Starting December 30, Netflix subscribers will be able to stream the first batch of Nike Training Club classes, which will contain a total of 46 episodes across curated sessions. The first five programs including “Kickstart Fitness with the Basics” (13 episodes), “Two Weeks to a Stronger Core” (7 episodes), “Fall in Love with Vinyasa” (6 episodes), “HIT & Strength with Tara” (14 episodes), “Feel-Good Fitness” (6 episodes).

“It’s not always easy to motivate yourself to exercise, but the option to feel the burn and then directly transition into one of your favorite shows does have a certain appeal. And now, that’s exactly what you can do: Just before the new year, Netflix members will be able to stream fitness content from Nike Training Club for the first time ever,” Netflix said in an official statement. More programs will come in the next session next year, and the first two batches will contain a total of 30 hours of exercise sessions between themselves.

Those who are interested can stream the content across multiple languages – 10 in all – on all Netflix plans, and the classes contain workouts for all fitness levels and interests. To find Nike Training Club on the streaming platform, simply search “Nike” on Netflix to find the collection of workouts with the guidance of Nike’s certified trainers.

Once the classes roll out, members will be able to select workouts (they span across yoga, strength, and high-intensity workouts) by type or duration.

“Made for everybody and every body, NTC is the ultimate training partner, providing outstanding guidance, inspiration, and motivation to help all athletes reach their fitness goals. The NTC workouts offered in the Netflix collection feature a dozen of Nike’s world-class trainers, including Joe Holder, Kirsty Godso, and Betina Gozo. The training focuses on bringing the joy of sport and movement to people around the world and helps serve the future of the sport by meeting athletes where they are,” Nike said in a press release.