Looks like Elon Musk could well be at the receiving end of one of his own doings — his all-time favourite Twitter polls. His reign at Twitter has been a rather tumultous one, to say the least. There have been lay-offs, public humiliation, then re-hiring, then major policy changes only to be rolled back, and what not.

The damage has been such, that one of Twitter’s original co-founders Jack Dorsey, who once said “Elon is the singular solution I trust. I trust his mission to extend the light of consciousness”, openly questioned a recent haphazard policy change of not allowing other social media platforms’ link to be posted on the micro-blogging site. The decision was apparently later rolled back and never implemented.

However, despite all of this — and the occasional Donald Trump headlines in the middle — Twitter still is the place where conversations are happening. People are still thronging in large numbers, to the platform to express their worldly opinion, no matter which side they belong to. Nearly 17 Million users responded to Elon Musk’s poll, a testament to the user activity on the platform.

Even though users have voted yes, and Musk said he would “abide” by the verdict, we are not sure whether he will. Its not that Elon is averse to making U-turns. More so, he is infamous for using Twitter, his tweets and polls, as a means to create serious financial waves –positive or negative is subjective. So could this poll also be a means to once again shake things up? Is this a signal to the investors or the board? Its Elon, so who really knows, maybe he himself doesn’t.

All said and done, Twitter has been a mess and laughing stock at that, ever since Musk took over. However, the very fact that no other social media platform has been able to take its place, even during times such as these, perhaps goes on to tell the importance of what Dorsey and his band built — even if there are alarm bells ringing.