With the demand for and popularity of video content rising by the day, it is no surprise that social networking sites are working to attract and retain creators on their platforms.

LinkedIn, originally intended to help professionals network in an environment that is not really social media like, has become exactly that off late. And it seems LinkedIn wants to even further embrace the content creation engine it has become. It has announced that it will be rolling out new features to make it easier for creators to roll out visual content on its platform.

These features include giving creators the ability to add clickable links to images and videos, templates for posts, and carousels. These features are set to roll out to users in the coming weeks. This comes on the heels of the discovery that the platform noted a year-over-year (YoY) increase of 20% in people adding visual content in their LinkedIn posts.

Let us delve deeper into the newest features announced by LinkedIn:

1. Clickable Links

One of the best things that creators bring to the table is visual content, that is, content that is so much more than just a dry text making up most of the post. LinkedIn will, in the coming weeks, let creators add a clickable link directly to their videos and images in order to drive users to their websites, or other avenues such as upcoming events or recent newsletters.

If you are interested in adding a clickable link, you need to create a new post on mobile that contains a video or an image. Then, click on the “Add a link” icon to add your URL and custom link text before you publish the post.

2. Templates come to LinkedIn posts

Those who want their text posts to be stand out in a Feed where most text posts look the same, Templates is the feature you are looking for. You can easily distinguish a post with a Template from a post without one by the diverse backgrounds and fonts. You can even combine posts with Templates with clickable links to drive engagement, once Templates comes out over the next few weeks.

To create a post with a Template, go to the share box or click on “Post” on mobile. Then, select “Use a template” to have access to the dozens of customizable backgrounds and fonts LinkedIn will provide. Choose and add your text and click on share.

3. Carousels

Last but not the least, a new content format is coming to LinkedIn. Known as Carousels, this will allow creators to combine images and videos as you present the content in a “visually engaging” swipeable format. This will come to LinkedIn today, and will be followed by more content-sharing features that will come “soon.”