Employees around the globe were perhaps breathing a sigh of relief, as constant pings from their Microsoft Teams’ accounts would have briefly halted. MS Teams was down for the count as users were unable to access any features on the app, nor were they able to schedule meetings and classes on the platform. The issue seems to be resolved as MS Teams is once again up and running.

When it comes to such outages, Downdetector is the place to go for information on the same. The outage tracking website informed that thousands of users have reported having run into problems from nearly 7 AM. Overall, there seem to be over 4,800 incidents of people reporting issues with Microsoft Teams.

The number of reports started to climb into the thousands just after 7:30 AM and reached a peak of 1649 at 8:53 AM before declining gradually. The last reports collected by Downdetector were at 10:08 AM, where it collected 317 reports.

If this is not enough, users also reported that they were facing issues with Microsoft Office 365.

For its part, Microsoft confirmed in a tweet that it had received reports from users and was actively investigating the issue, adding the updates could be found via users’ Service Health Dashboard via TM402718. The company, in a thread, confirmed that a “recent deployment” contained a broken connection to an internal storage service, and was working to direct traffic to a healthy service.

“We’ve identified downstream impact to multiple Microsoft 365 services with Teams integration, such as Microsoft Word, Office Online, and SharePoint Online. We’re providing updates for those services via MO402741 in the admin center or through status.office.com,” the company tweeted. It followed the same with its most recent update, which informed that MS Teams functionality was beginning to recover.

The pandemic and shift to online mode showed us the importance of communication platforms such as MS Teams, Slack, and Zoom in our study and work lives. For the past two years, these teleconferencing and communication tools formed the basis of businesses and studies across the world as they ingrained themselves in society and their demand grew.

Microsoft Teams, for example, had surpassed 270 million monthly active users by January.