Myntra, the Flipkart-owned fashion and beauty e-commerce upstart has been doubling down on the beauty category in the past months. Now, it has made its foray into an area that had gained a lot of interest over the past months – quick commerce, where goods and services are delivered within 10-30 minutes of placing the order.

However, Myntra’s latest offering, M-Express, is not strictly quick commerce, but rather more of a super-fast delivery feature. Similar to Amazon’s Prime and Flipkart’s Plus offerings, M-Express will deliver your order in 24-48 hours, and products that are eligible for express delivery will have an “M-Express” tag on the listing, and you can search for products you want to be delivered fast using those tags and delivery time filters.

“M-Express offers complete control to consumers in choosing their products based on the delivery timelines, thus empowering them to make better purchase decisions,” said Nandita Sinha, chief executive officer (CEO) of Myntra.

“We believe M-Express will be a game-changer for the industry and drive delight for the fashion-forward customer base while reinforcing loyalty. This will in turn boost the opportunity for brands, and small and medium sellers to grow,” she added.

Touted to be a game-changer for the industry, M-Express is currently available to customers in metropolitan cities across the country. 30% of the products on Myntra’s platform are currently eligible for express delivery, and the express delivery service covers over 300,000 products in over 1300 pin codes. The fashion e-retailer said that it will be offering deployment centers to sellers and brands.

This will be done so that brands leverage them for optimal logistical performance by refraining from storing their products in a single warehouse. Instead, they will keep the products in smaller ones where they are close to demand centers to cut down the time required to deliver the products to the customers.

Going forward, Myntra intends to expand its M-Express offering to Tier II and Tier III cities in the country and launch its web version in the coming months.