In a recent report, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has suggested that two new Macbooks could be slated for release this summer. Gurman speculated that the timeline does fall in line for a potential WWDC 2022 release. In the report, Gurman said “What better place to do so than WWDC? That’s the same venue where the Mac’s transition from Intel to Apple’s own chips was announced two years ago.”

I’m told there are two new Macs coming around the middle of the year or early in the second half. One of those is likely to be the new MacBook Air. Other models in the works include an updated Mac mini and 24-inch iMac, as well as a low-end MacBook Pro to replace the aging 13-inch model. And let’s not forget that new Mac Pro and iMac Pro models are in development.

~Mark Gurman, Bloomberg.

While the loyal-to-a-fault user community of Apple was expecting a Macbook Air release at the Apple event last month, it wasn’t a part of the event lineup. This should come as a pleasant surprise to the community.

Macbook air could be the first device powered by Apple’s rumored M2 chip. Apple have announced the conclusion of their M1, M1 Ultra lineup, so the speculations do carry some weight. While Apple have been largely faithful to the more color-accurate IPS-LED display technology over the more vibrant, higher contrast OLED technology, it is also rumored that the 2022 iteration of the Macbook Air could use the latest Micro-LED panels. Micro-LEDs offer better color-accuracy while maintaining near OLED levels of contrast. OLED Panels have also been more susceptible to burn-in, a problem Micro-LED panels work around.

The 2022 Macbook air is also expected to bring a better FaceTime camera. This could be supportive of recent reports concerning the device’s design. There have been reports that the Macbook air could be inspired from the Macbook pro and carry a notch on the display to house the camera and other components. Its also rumored to be releasing in multiple color options.

While Gurman’s reports are generally considered reliable by the community, Apple has historically used WWDC’s platform for software releases. Hence, the more reasonably expected releases are  iOS 16, watchOS 9, macOS 13 and tvOS 16.