There’s no denying the fact that Zoom has been very helpful this past year. With people being forced to do everything online, video conferencing became the most popular method of social interaction, and Zoom allowed people to stay in touch even though ‘touch’ became almost a taboo. However, this lead to a minor annoyance. How many different Zoom-s do we really need? Following this shift to online, platforms have been trying to add their online Zoom like interactive video feature, giving rise to so many different iterations of the same thing, just at worse quality. 100ms, a startup that aims to solve this Zoom saturation, has raised $4.5Mn in a round led by Accel along with participation from Strive.vc.

Founded by FB and Disney-Hotstar execs, 100ms provides infrastructure that allows any company to add Zoom-style video conferencing inside their app within hours.

It plans to use these funds to build the world’s best video engineering team and product enhancement creating 100s of templates of live use cases, simplifying video access for companies across the world.

100ms allows companies to add interactive live video infrastructure to their platforms in a matter of hours. Many organizations have been trying to capture a chunk of the growing ‘Zoom’ market, which is expected to grow from $4.2B in 2019 to $17.7B in 2024. However, this has two major problems: first- they are usually not that good, second- they take months to build.

100ms solves this by cutting down the production time to hours instead of months, while also ensuring that you get Zoom like quality all the time. Having operated in beta for a long period, the company has launched powerful but fully customizable SDKs that allows developers to add Zoom-quality video to their apps. It has already signed up clients like Paytm Insider, BookMyShow Townscript and Circle.

“Being a video engineer all my life, I understand the complexity of adding live video at scale. For a long time, this infrastructure has only been available to very few developers. We started 100ms to build live video infrastructure for the world. Our SDKs are supported on all platforms including ios/android/web and are equipped to build high quality video along with all the edge cases in just a few lines of code.  Our infrastructure is designed to handle the scale and offers super low latency across the world,” commented Kshitij Gupta, co- founder and CEO, 100ms.