Twitter Fleets
Twitter Fleets

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has been one of the biggest advocates of Bitcoin, and might be the biggest name supporting the cryptocurrency after Elon Musk. Being the CEO of a company like Twitter comes with some perks, including the opportunity to open up an idea to millions of people around the globe. Now, Twitter has announced that it would allow people to ‘tip’ content creators on its platform using Bitcoin, marking a revolutionary step in the currency’s adoption as a viable mode of transaction.

Twitter had announced the Tip Jar feature earlier this year, allowing creators to earn money from their followers directly. Back then, this feature only accepted fiat currencies, and relied on traditional payment services such as Square’s Cash app and PayPal’s Venmo.

However, now, Twitter is rolling out Tip Jar to all Apple users around the globe, adding that Android phones would receive the feature in the coming weeks. Moreover, from now on, people will be able to tip creators in Bitcoin, using Strike bitcoin lighting wallet service. Twitter will also allow users to add their bitcoin address to send and receive these cryptocurrency tips.

What’s more is that Twitter will not take any fee for tips, which means that the entire amount will reach to the creator of your choice.

The platform is also opening up to other use cases of blockchain, and said that it is experimenting with a feature that would allow users to authenticate and showcase their collections of NFT digital assets on its platform.

Jack Dorsey has been advocating for the benefits of Bitcoin for a long time, and had invested $23.6Mn for its development in collaboration with Jay Z.

However, this does not mean that Bitcoin’s journey into the mainstream is complete. While countries like El Salvador have already opened up to the new technology completely, others like China are still hesitant, and looking to make all cryptocurrency transactions illegal.