Credits: Nothing

A while ago, tech startup Nothing had announced that it will soon be rolling out its first ever product offering, which was said to be a model of truly wireless earphones, titled Ear (1). And today, the company which was founded by former OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has put the product out on sale. Only a limited number of units of the product are being rolled out as of now, and will be available directly on the firm’s website, The product will go on sale starting from July 31.

The price which has been put up for the active-noise-canceling buds, is $99 (5,999 in India), and this low price might come in handy owing to the stiff competition from market leader AirPods Pro, Galaxy Buds Pro, and even the newly-launched noise-canceling earbuds by Sony and Amazon.

The first 100 units of the Ear (1), which were sort of a limited edition product, were put up for auction through StockX just last week, in a move by Nothing which is clearly aimed at further hyping up the product, even more than it already is. This tactic may well be attributed to what Pei learned from his days at OnePlus.

The earbuds, which have created a lot of buzz among prospective users ever since they were first teased back in February, have been developed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, a Germany-based audio hardware company.

The design is rather cool, and combines an AirPods-like long-ish stem that’s as transparent as the model gets. The buds, on the other hand, is opaque white. Moreover, each of the stems features a touch panel single color dot, one that is red and the other that is white. The stems also carry the Nothing logo printed down their length.

With the launch, some of the questions that curious buyers badly wanted answers to, have finally been answered. For starters, the buds will be synced with an app, which will come equipped with the ability to adjust EQ, as well as a cool Find My Earbud feature. Sweat and splash resistance have been made possible through the sleek and functional deign, which apparently combines hipness with durability. On-bud controls have also been made available, and will be gesture-based and customizable. Other features to look forward to will be the fast pairing and in-ear detection, though there is not yet any heads up on whether the tools will work similarly on both Android and Apple.

Additionally, battery life has been rated at around 5.7 hours of listening time, and the adjoining case can top the same up to 34 hours of total listening time. The casing also supports fast charge, as well as wireless charging from any Qi charger.

Noise cancelation has been made a reality through the three mics built into the model, and despite this, the weight remains barely 4.7 grams. The mics also allow for a transparency mode, which users can opt for in case they wish to allow some noise to enter. Background noise, including traffic and winds, are also cut out through a Clear Voice Technology.

It will be rather interesting to see these buds competing with the brand new model at OnePlus, which were launched at the end of last week.