At a time when companies are juggling between keeping their employees and customers safe while also trying to keep their business afloat, vehicle-on-demand and cab-booking service Ola has announced that over 50% of its employees, as well as their dependents, have been vaccinated with the first dose of the COVID vaccine.

The company has organized vaccination camps in association with hospitals, for its employees, most of whom reside in Bangalore, and will gradually be opening the service to its employees in other cities as well.

The company had announced in March that it would be providing free vaccination to all of its employees, along with their dependents. The promise had also been extended to the company’s many consultants, contractors, advisors, as well as their immediate dependents.

Under its commitment, the firm has already completed the vaccination of its staff aged over 45 years of age, back in April itself. The drive has opened its doors for the staff over 18 years of age last week.

The company is also taking every precaution to ensure that its employees don’t face any serious untoward effects post vaccination. The vaccine is administered only by qualified and registered professionals, and every person is kept under observation of half an hour post vaccination, to check for side effects.

Expressing his views on the drive, Ola Group CHRO Rohit Munjal has said,  “Health and safety of our people is paramount and at Ola, we have been focused on taking a comprehensive view and providing meaningful support so our people and their loved ones can stay healthy and safe whether they are at work or at home. Our efforts encompass not just employees but our broader community including contractors, advisors, consultants as well as drivers and consumers. Vaccination is an important step in our fight against the pandemic and we aim to vaccinate all our people over the coming weeks.”

To ensure that the drive was incorporated as seamlessly into its COVID relief efforts as possible, the company had set up a COVID Action Team. The Team has been in place for the past year, and has been carrying out the implementation of the various measures that Ola is taking to ensure the safe of its stakeholders.

These measures include a 24×7 access to Healthcare facilities and financial support in case of need. The company also provides for reimbursement of COVID treatment-related costs, up to ₹30,000. Additional financial assistance is also available.

Moreover, hotel stays and quarantines are arranged for staff who face problems in home-quarantining.

The workspace at Ola has been made safe through the use of thermal sensors and AI-based face masks. On-campus testing facilities have been made available.

Apart from caring for its employees, the company has also set up the O2forIndia drive through its philanthropic arm, Ola Foundation. The aim of the drive is to provide free oxygen concentrators to those in need, through the Ola App.

Even Ola drivers have something to gain from the extensive measures at Ola. The company had set up its Drive the Driver Fund in the early days of the pandemic, to provide aid to all drivers, even if they are not linked to Ola. Medical packages and essential supplies are provided under the scheme, along with support for medical emergencies.

With such an extensive vaccination drive, Ola employees may soon be able to return to their offices, if all goes well.