After the pandemic forced Google to postpone (and eventually cancel) its annual I/O developer conference, Google I/O is back for business. Like many other tech events in recent times, it was streamed live over the internet on Google’s official YouTube channel, unveiling a host of surprises for Google Maps, which got a myriad of new features.

The fact that there was no Google I/O conference last year (thanks to COVID-19) only increases the expectations of people across the globe. The I/O conference is not known for making any announcements related to hardware, but rather makes software-related announcements.

During the event, the company announced some major new additions to its Map platform, which is in for a complete revamp. Google has announced that Maps will now be equipped with two new features – not only will maps show the most eco-friendly routes from now on, but it will also show the safest route during a journey.

If that’s not all, search results in Google Maps will also automatically adjust, based on multiple factors like what time of the day it is. For example, if it’s morning, you will see breakfast places being highlighted, while in evening, places for a nice dinner will take up the center stage. Moreover, if you are travelling to a new city, the platform will highlight all the landmarks in the region.

“We’re making it easier to explore with Live View. Soon you’ll be able to access it right from the map to see helpful details about places nearby — like their busyness, reviews, photos, and more,” Google Maps tweeted.

The maps are also getting a new touch of AR. The new AR (Augmented Reality) view feature will help pinpoint exact locations, such as a house, a shop, or a restaurant while seeing exactly how busy and congested an area is in real-time.

Additionally, you can view the situation of the area (both outside and inside) you wish to see live on Google Map with Live View. Prominent virtual signs will be added, along with more details to Street Maps to 50 cities by the end of the year, Google said. Sadly, the Live View feature is not currently available in India, and it is not sure when it will reach the world’s second-largest internet market.