Let’s face it, who doesn’t love gaming? It’s probably the best way to pass time there is. In recent years, video games have come with a new feature – subscriptions, through which they make you pay for getting access to premium content. Services like the Xbox Game Pass have achieved success, and now Facebook is taking a step in that direction by launching subscriptions on its Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality (VR) headsets. Oculus Developers can now add premium subscriptions to paid or free games and keep making money over the course of their app’s life cycle. This means that starting Friday, you will be able to unlock premium content from FitXR, Rec Room, Tribe XR, Tripp, vSpatial, and VZfit in virtual reality, if you take the Oculus subscription.

Oculus, which is owned by Facebook, said in a blog post, “With app subscriptions, some of your favorite developers will be able to seamlessly deliver new, exciting content, tools, and features to subscribers. App subscriptions will give you access to exclusive content from some of your favorite titles.”

Feeling apprehensive? Oculus has a solution for that too. You will be offered free trials so that you can check out the titles and experience them for yourself. Additionally, you can cancel at any time to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle.

Oculus added that app subscription offerings differ by title – for some, you would need a subscription, while for others, the subscription is optional and is only needed to unlock even more content and features. “For those of you who already own titles that are now incorporating subscriptions, you still have access to all the content you’ve already purchased. You can unlock new, premium content, tools, and features by subscribing,” they said.

Oculus wants to build a stronger ecosystem of apps, games, and experiences to make virtual reality compelling, which is why developers are widening their horizons to newer areas like fitness, social, and productivity, and using subscriptions to build strong businesses. Now, with app subscriptions, developers can deliver new, exciting content, tools, and features to their subscribers. Offering subscriptions on VR titles is a new direction when compared to the traditional method of buying titles for virtual reality platforms. And since the Oculus 2 headset has been a tremendous hit, offering subscriptions is another method of reaping profits.