OnePlus Watch

OnePlus, the company that rose to shine thanks to its affordable smartphones and groundbreaking technology, has emerged as one of the most premium brands in the market in the last years. Thus, as is usually the ritual with premium brands, the company has been expanding its offerings, launching not just smartphones but also wireless earbuds and fitness bands. Now, it looks like OnePlus is ready to add another ground breaking piece of tech to its portfolio-the much awaited OnePlus Watch.

The OnePlus Watch will support a 1.39-inch AMOLED display  at a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels and 326ppi pixel density.

The round shape of the watch (as opposed to the square with round edges of iWatch) with the 46mm watch case, is a design choice that is being praised by many, including myself, who likes the contemporary and timeless look of round watches over the block shaped offerings from Apple. Yes, the 46mm case might feel a little big to many, but it gives the watch a distinct look, helping it stand out among its competitors.

OnePlus is known for its charging technology (Dash Charge, Warp Charge etc.) and thus, it wasn’t gonna launch its first smartwatch without some incredible charging tech. According to the company, the OnePlus Watch will last 2 weeks with just one charge, thanks to its 402mAh battery. OnePlus says that users can get up to 1 week’s power in 20 mins.

The watch has inbuilt GPS and multiple different sensors, including blood oxygen/sleep monitoring.

Moreover, OnePlus wants you to be able to do the most strenuous of tasks without having to worry about your watch. To that end, the company has equipped the OnePlus Watch with an IP68 rated dust and water resistance.

Other than that, the device will also have physical keys on the right edge- a power key and a function button (with ‘OnePlus’ printed on it).

The company has also designed 50 watch faces, which means you can practically have a different watch for every week for an entire year (not really, but it’s pretty close).

Moreover, not only can the watch connect with your phone, it can also connect with your OnePlus TV, which shows Oneplus’s commitment to building an ecosystem of its own, much like Apple.

The Watch will cost $159, while the price of the exclusive Cobalt edition has not been revealed yet.

This is OnePlus’s second entry in the wearable market, after having launched the OnePlus fitness band earlier this year. However, this is the company’s first smart watch, and so far, it looks like the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has delivered, at least on paper. That being said, we cannot say anything for certain until we have it on our palms.