Following the ban and restoration of several high-profile accounts, India has issued a new notice to Twitter, warning the firm to comply with New Delhi’s order to block content (including accounts and hashtags) related to the farmers’ protest happening in the country right now. The notice also warned that if Twitter fails to comply with the directions, it will stand to face penal action.

For several months, farmers around India have been engaged in a protest against the three new farming bills that the Indian government recently passed. After several months of protests, the Indian government issued legal notices to Twitter to ban certain accounts and hashtags, claiming that it was done to maintain peace in the nation. While Twitter moved to take prompt action, the company swiftly revoked said bans, after facing harsh criticism from its users.

However, today, India’s IT ministry has issued a notice to Twitter, asking it to comply with its legal notice and take down the accounts like it was asked to do.

The notice stated that “{Twitter} cannot assume the role of a court and justify non-compliance. Twitter being an intermediary is obliged to obey the directions as per satisfaction of authorities as to which inflammatory content will arouse passion and impact public order. Twitter cannot sit as an appellate authority over the satisfaction of the authorities about its potential impact on derailing public order.”

While Twitter declined to comment, the Indian Ministry has expressed concern over what it claims to be factually incorrect and inflammatory tweets and hashtags circulating around. Many famous personalities of India, including actors such as Akshay Kumar, have also spoken against the same, and have asked Indians to not get deterred by the supposed propaganda and to stand united. It is important to note, that Twitter, does in fact reach a lot of Indians, with over 75 million Indian users. It has emerged as the single most important online forum for people to express their opinion on this matter (and others.)

Many international personalities, however, have taken an altogether different stand. Singer Rihanna, Greta Thunberg, Lilly Singh and more have spoken against the government policies and showcased their solidarity with the farmers online.