With the global COVID 19 pandemic at large, the work culture has seen an unprecedented shift in the last year, with most companies around the world shifting to remote working and asking employees to report from home. This has caused an exponential increase in startups that promote remote working. One such startup, Skuad, has raised $4 million in seed funding from leading global venture capital firms BEENEXT and Anthemis Group, alongside Alto Partners Multi-Family Office.

Sandip Sahi, CEO of Skuad said, “With Skuad, we are on a mission to enable companies to build teams with global talent quickly while opening up amazing opportunities for top talent to realize their dreams to work for startups as well global companies even if they are not geographically co-located.”

Skuad was co-founded by Sundeep Sahi, Naman Singhal, and Dave Fall and operates a global Employment platform to hire, pay, and manage globally distributed teams. The startup also makes it far easier to make new hires across the globe, without companies needing to set up local offices. The company practices what it preaches, and is mainly remote. It has a workforce from several different countries and customers spread across the US, Africa, and South-East Asia.

The idea of remote working and employees working from home was already catching a lot of attention before coronavirus. However, the COVID 19 pandemic forced remote working, making companies like Skuad a necessity, rather than a luxury. Using its platform, companies could automate global payroll, local compliance taxation, and provide benefits for employees spread across geographies.

With the latest funding, the startup aims to grow its remote employment infrastructure and scale its growth team in multiple geographies.

Dirk Van Quaquebeke, Managing Partner BEENEXT said, “As an enabler of operationalizing distributed teams, Skuad brings in simplicity and seamlessness to hiring while doing away with expansion or capacity constraints. We look forward to being a part of their journey in becoming a global standard for remote working.”