Let's Dive

Let’s Dive, an Indian SaaS startup which provides a social space for remote teams, announced today that it has raised $1.7 million in a funding round led by Sequoia Capital India’s Surge.The startup plans on using the funds for further developing their platform, to gain a bigger reach and to build a cross-border product team.

Sequoia Capital India’s Surge, the program through which Let’s Dive managed to raise more than one and a half million dollars in funding, is a rapid scale-up program for startups in India and Southeast Asia. Surge’s goal is to “supercharge your startup. And give you an unfair advantage, right out of the gate.”

The startup’s latest funding round saw participation from Village Global and several angel investors such as Marquee Investments, Utsav Somani from iSeed, Akhil Paul, Anand Chandrasekharan (Former Snapdeal CPO and Facebook Director of Messenger), Sunita Mohanty (Facebook), and several others.

Let’s Dive is a very young startup, founded only recently this year in July by Nitesh Agrawal and Om Prakash. The SaaS startup provides a platform for remote teams, which acts as a social space in which the team members can interact and spend time together.

The overall work lifestyle has seen a drastic change since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as companies were forced to work remotely due to the lockdown restrictions. This has created an isolated environment, as in-person communication has become difficult.

The startup aims to solve this problem by creating a virtual environment where the team members of a company can come together to have a social experience, and this helps companies build their culture through “fostering better human connections.” Dive users can hang out, play games, or watch videos, while on an audio or a video call on the platform.

The platform is invite only, so companies who would like to use Let’s Dive will have to apply for an invite through its website. According to the company, it has gained over 100 teams from over 28 countries as customers. Some of the startup’s top-tier customers include teams from Facebook, Airtable, and teams from some of the biggest Indian tech companies like Swiggy and Hike.

Communication solutions for enterprises are not new, but Let’s Dive’s solution is much more specific, as it aims to provide a social space not for business communications but for recreational activities. The support shown by the startup’s investors suggests they trust the company’s ability to bridge the gap which this new remote work or work-from-home culture has created.

“Let’s Dive has already gained strong traction and attracted hundreds of teams to our platform – without any marketing. The product’s experience is so unique that teams feel connected within a few hours of usage. With the funding and partnership from Sequoia Capital India’s Surge, as well as investors such as Village Global, we look forward to rolling out Let’s Dive to businesses globally to help them create the best possible remote team culture.” said Nitesh Agrawal, Co-Founder, Let’s Dive.