President of USA Joe Biden

The US Presidential election of 2020 was one of the most exciting affairs to take place in an year that seems to be full with letdowns and cancellations. At the end, former Vice President Joe Biden came out on top, defeating the current POTUS Donald Trump after securing massive wins in Pennsylvania and Nevada. Now, as the soon to be former President continues to wage legal warfare against the authenticity of the election, it looks like some institutions have already decided to make the move to the new administration.

Twitter has said that it will give control of the @POTUS twitter account to President elect Joe Biden on 20th January, according to a report by Reuters. This comes as no big surprise, as the platform has always had a precarious relationship with Trump, often hitting him with flags and bans due to the controversial nature of his posts.

However, as we all know, Donald Trump has never shied away from a fight either, and has voiced his disregard about Twitter’s policies publicly on numerous occasions.

The company says that it does not need to share information between the teams of either Donald Trump or Joe Biden to make this transition. Moreover, it will also start the process of handing over other official White House accounts like @FLOTUS, @VP, and @whitehouse, by inauguration day.

The @POTUS account belongs to the President of the United States, and needs to be vacated for the next candidate after a transition, much like the White House. While it seems unlikely that Donald Trump would respond kindly to this change, it looks like the wheel has already been set in motion.