Ever since Tesla unveiled the Model Y nearly a year and half ago, customers have been picking up these vehicles like hot pancakes. However, nothing has sparked as much attention as Elon Musk’s announcement that the carmaker will introduce a 7 seater version. And now, it looks like the highly awaited electric utility vehicle might be making its way to the roads pretty soon. Musk has now announced, that the company will start production of the cars next month, with deliveries starting in December.

The five-seater version of Model Y offers a whole lot of space and comfort. However, the seven-seat configuration of the car will add a third row of seats, which could make the car a little ‘tight,’ since there’s less room to work with in the Model Y than say the more spacious Model X. Nonetheless, since it will come with the Tesla brand, I suppose that Musk will find a way to make it work, or so I hope.

Some conjectures suggest that there are chances that seats might face forward with modest room in the third row for short people, even though there’s a chance that the row might face backwards, which can get a little awkward.

Keeping all the speculations aside, additional seats will undoubtedly be a boon for anyone looking for a premium+low priced affordable SUV, that can enable traveling with larger families in one go.

While Elon Musk claims that the company will start deliveries by December, the billionaire is notorious for being overly optimistic about these deadlines. Nonetheless, it still gives prospective customers a window, which is more than they had before.

The SUV shares 75% of its components with Model 3, and is built on the same platform. The similarities extend into the cabin as well, so much so that it looks and feels pretty similar to a Model 3. From the 15-inch touchscreen, to the picturesque glass-roof, and the high seating position, the Model Y and Model 3 might just be twins.