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Twitter users faced a very short outage today, wherein they weren’t able to post or see any tweets, or even log in to the platform. The problem affected audiences globally, but was fixed shortly after it began.

Confirming the situation, Twitter posted from this from its support account:

DownDetector, an outage reporting platform, showed that Twitter was down worldwide and majorly in the UK, USA, Japan, India and Southeast Asia. The outage touched the peak at around 7:24 PM IST. The short blackout caused chaos where users took to other social media platforms to report that they are not able to tweet or access any tweets.

Some users are still reporting the inability to tweet.

A lot of tech platforms have been reporting outage off late. Yesterday, Apple reported that most of its services were down, caused by an outage. Similarly, Microsoft and Google have also faced blackouts recently on Office 365 and G Suite respectively.