After much consumer criticism from across the board, social media giant Twitter on Tuesday announced the iOS expansion of its voice tweet feature. This new feature is set to allow users the opportunity to attach a small snippet of a native voice recording to a particular tweet. Voice notes published through this feature will allow repeated playback, much like the video content on the platform.

Initially launched back on June 17th to limited availability, Twitter is reported to be working on bettering the accessibility of its new feature by also adding a much-needed transcription element to these voice tweets. This would surely come as a welcome change to better the reported criticisms this new feature had faced upon initial release.

With a limited accessibility team at the company’s headquarters to work on this new feature, Twitter literally had to have its employees’ volunteer overtime work on top of usual tasks to better the accessibility aspects of this new addition.

Additionall, Twitter has also announced its plans to bring automated captions to audio and video content on the Twitter-sphere by the dawn of 2021. However, it still remains unclear as to when Twitter will finally be able to introduce this voice tweet feature to each and every one of its platforms definitively. A tweet made by the Twitter Support account has suggested that the Android and web platform might see the feature be implemented permanently sometime in 2021.

Reports also suggest that Twitter will begin testing its voice DMs in Brazil sometime soon.