With around 7.69 million active cases worldwide, humanity is still fighting its battle for sustenance against the deadly COVID 19 virus that shook the very foundation of mankind since its first case back in December 2019. Even though a vaccine is still a few months away, governments and medical organizations worldwide are preparing for the gargantuan task of vaccinating 7.8 billion people against the deadly virus.

Salesforce, the world’s biggest consumer relationship management platform, feels it can use its CRM expertise to help solve the mammoth supply chain problems that could come with the vaccine distribution of this size. The company has hence announced Work.com for Vaccines, in an attempt to assist global organizations in tracking, distributing, and carrying out COVID 19 vaccination programs worldwide with optimum efficiency.

Salesforce had originally deployed its Work.com platform to assist governments and companies across the world in making their communities and workplaces safe in a post COVID 19 world.

Carrying out a successful vaccine program of such proportions brings with it its own set of challenges. From the initial demand for the vaccine greatly outnumbering supply to logistical issues resulting in supply chain breakage, a program of such magnitude demands quick decision making, coordination, and a strict scheduling campaign in order to reach its desired goal. Monitoring and recording people’s outcome post vaccine administration, will also be a vital step in the success of the vaccine program. The Work.com platform has been set up to carry out and assist governments and medical organizations in seamlessly performing such crucial steps, avoiding potential errors, resulting in a successful vaccine program.

“Technology is going to play a critical role in helping governments and healthcare organizations distribute what promises to be billions of doses of vaccines around the world,” said Bret Taylor, President, and COO of Salesforce. “We’re proud to play our part with Work.com for Vaccines, giving organizations the technology they need to safely and efficiently deploy their vaccine programs at scale, powered by Salesforce’s trusted Customer 360 platform.”

The various capabilities of the Work.com for Vaccines include:

  • Public Health Command Center:- A one-stop dashboard that provides healthcare personnel with a comprehensive understanding of vaccine management data, and the critical health status of particular communities while simultaneously informing them of the availability of vaccines and the potential need for it in the near future.
  • Vaccine Inventory Management:- Provides data that assists health care personnel in keeping track of inventory including vaccine doses, syringes, and personal protective gear. This particular feature is set to help medical organizations predict potential demand, and manage resources for maximum effect, thus reducing wastage.
  • Vaccination Appointment Scheduling:- This feature will help people in scheduling vaccination appointments efficiently, while simultaneously allowing medical personnel in prioritizing eligibility in terms of determining patients that require immediate vaccination.
  • Client Vaccine Administration:- This capability can be used by healthcare officials in ensuring that medical professionals have received proper training in vaccine administration, and to check whether a patient has received a pre-screening approval prior to their appointment, inorder to prevent on-site bottlenecks.
  • Vaccine Outcome Monitoring:- This feature will be used to capture and record patient experience, results, and outcomes post-vaccine administration, allowing medical professionals to follow up with patients and avoid a potential community health crisis.
  • Public Health Notifications:- This particular feature will assist health care officials in raising awareness about the program in the public sphere, giving them an opportunity to communicate with patients and even initiate automated appointment reminders as part of a public service announcement.