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Following a historic cyberattack that saw hackers salvage cryptocurrency from the platform at a large scale, Twitter has warned its developers through email, of the presence of a bug that could have potentially exposed their private app keys and account tokens.

The email sent out by Twitter stated that the developer’s private app keys and tokens could have mistakenly been stored in their browser’s cache. Hence, if the user accessed his developer account tokens or app keys through a shared or public computer at, said tokens might have been stored within the browser’s cache memory. This could have allowed any individual with the knowledge of how to access the browser’s cache to possess the developer’s tokens, and app keys, when viewed within that limited time frame.

The breaking of this particular news has raised a significant amount of concern within the tech sphere, as account tokens are extremely sensitive elements and can be used to gain access to the developer’s account without requiring an actual password, which can be harmful to every account on the platform.

However, the social media giant has assured users that it has not yet seen any activity or evidence surrounding stolen keys and tokens, but has issued the mail as a public awareness measure and as a cautionary measure.

The news comes after a similarly reported outbreak that came in the month of June, which stated that some business users who had used Twitter to advertise their products and/or services might have had their private data stolen, also due to the information being mistakenly stored in their browser cache.

Even though Twitter has ensured amped up security protocol on their social networking site, such security lapses in quick succession could potentially see a significant number of users turn away in fear of having their private information stolen.

The exact number of affected users still remains unknown, as the world keeps its eyes on Twitter in wait for further announcements.