Continuing the tradition of two consoles every launch, Microsoft has another beast of a console ready for us apart from the new Xbox Series X. A new budget friendly ‘Xbox Series S’ has now been leaked in a Thurrott report. At just $299, the new console will outshine last generation’s Xbox One X in every conceivable way.

The device was unveiled in a report by Thurrott, which gave us our first look at the newest entry level console from Microsoft. The console has a circular vent top, much like the Xbox One S, but Microsoft has embraced this as a part of its grandeur and coloured it black, just so it stands out. Moreover, at least from the looks of it, the Series S will not be the vertical tower that Series X is, and will instead lie horizontally, just like all the other consoles we have seen from Microsoft till date.

Now, coming down to what matters the most, the device will have 4 teraflops of GPU performance, which might not sound like a lot when compared to the 12 teraflops on Series X or even the 6 teraflops on One X. However, as we mentioned before, this device will outshine the last gen flagship by a mile, thanks to the hugely increased CPU power and SSD performance, which will allow it to actually utilize the GPU performance to the fullest without bottlenecks, and lead to increased loading speeds. Thus, the Series S will run new actual generation games in a way that One X just cannot.

However, the cost cutting on the GPU side means that the device might not be able to deliver 4K performance anytime soon, something that the Series X device can handle.

Series S will be available at a very generous price of $299, or $25 per month as part of Xbox All Access plan that’ll include Xbox Live and Game Pass. It’s high end counterpart, the Xbox Series X, can be taken home at $499, or $35 per month, or say the leaks say.

It’s already known that the devices will be available some time in November, and many suggest that 10th is the date.