TikTok has now launched a new information hub and twitter account to address “rumours and misinformation” about its platform. On the hub (www.tiktokus.info), TikTok is  “setting the record straight” by denying all of the allegations put up by the US government .

For those unaware, on August 6th, the Trump administration signed an executive order which banned all transactions with TikTok, effective after 45 days(already extended to 90 days). Reasoning behind the same has been potential threat to user security on TikTok, with the app accused of sharing personal data with the Chinese government. TikTok, very clearly, said “With rumors and misinformation about TikTok proliferating in Washington and in the media, let us set the record straight. TikTok is not available in China. Its US user data is stored in Virginia with a back-up in Singapore and strict controls on employee access. TikTok has never provided any US user data to the Chinese government, nor would it do so if asked.”

Moreover, the website has statements from company execs about the Administration’s Executive Order, articles about Fair competition and transparency, on combating misinformation and election interference and TikTok’s security map. It also has a ‘News Stories’ sections, where the company is sharing all the news stories that solidify its innocence.  It also has an ‘Expert opinions’ and an ‘FAQ’ section, which have the same undertone as everything else on the website: ‘We are innocent.’

In fact, the experts section features articles from some of the most reputable and top news organisations globally, featuring articles that have condemned bans on TikTok globally.

Meanwhile, on its new Twitter account-“@tiktok_comms”, the company is trying to “serve as a source of truth to address the misinformation about TikTok.” This handle features news and updates from the TikTok Communications Team and has been made specifically for the purpose of reacting promptly to any news surrounding the TikTok ban.

The new moves are clearly parts of an effort to push back against Trump’s executive order which seeks to ban all transactions with Bytedance as well as WeChat. Moreover, the president also wants the parent company to sell of TikTok’s business to an American company, with a failure to comply leading to a ban from U.S., much like India.

Thus, TikTok also took this chance to ask its users to raise objections against the executive order. “As TikTok users, creators, partners, and family, you have the right to express your opinions to your elected representatives, including the White House. You have the right to be heard,” it said.