Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple had set a very optimistic goal for itself — to cross 600 million paid subscribers on its services business by the end of 2020. As the end of the year becomes nearer, the company looks in good shape to deliver on its promise. And to provide further boost to those ambitions, the Tim Cook led tech giant is planing to launch a new services bundle in October, alongside the new iPhone 12.

The news, that comes via a Bloomberg report, states that this new bundle of services “will let customers subscribe to several of the company’s digital services at a lower monthly price, according to people with knowledge of the effort.” The news site also mentioned that this bundle will launch in October, and will be called “Apple One.”

“The bundles are designed to encourage customers to subscribe to more Apple services, which will generate more recurring revenue,” Bloomberg infers.

With this bundle, which can include various services like the Apple TV+, Apple News+ and Apple Arcade, will help the company’s consumers avail all of these offerings at a discounted price. Bloomberg also thinks that the company might launch a new services rival as part of the bundle, to compete with Peloton- a fitness subscription service for Apple devices. The company was also noticed to be engaging in conversation with music labels, to provide Apple Music as a part of the entire package.

This is not the first we have heard about a bundle from the Cupertino based company, with 9to5Mac noting in June that iOS 13.5 code included references to Apple bundle subscription offers.

While the company is very close to realising its goal of 600 million subscribers, most of its users avail 3rd party subscription services-of which Apple only takes a cut. While Apple Music and iCloud subscriptions have some traction in the market, newer service like TV+ and Arcade still struggle to get more people on board.

This new offering might help the company in reducing its dependence on third party applications, and take a more direct approach to generating subscription revenue.

The bundle will launch alongside iPhone 12, which, as Apple has confirmed, will be delayed by a week this year.