In a stunning display of what the future holds for robotics, engineers in Japan have released a video of a 60 foot tall giant robot, which bears a stark resemblance to the ‘megazords’ from the ‘Power Rangers’. The video shows the robot in action, and actually moving its right leg, showing that it’s not just a gigantic model but a revolution that can have future defining effects.

The robot has been built with inspiration from the popular ‘Gundam’ sci-fi franchise, which is a popular part of Japanese pop culture. The construction of the behemoth was slowed down due to coronavirus, thus pushing back the preview event planned for some time later this month, and a public display in October. Nonetheless, the new video from Yokohoma, the company building the robot, looks very promising and suggests that we might be getting our first look at what the final version of the robot can do very soon.

The aforementioned video, which saw the robot moving its right leg in different ways, was sped up, and thus it is unclear how long it took the robot to complete the action. Moreover, the video clearly proves that the engineers made sure that no weight was put on the leg, signalling that the functionality might still need some refining. Even more so, the robot does not have a head yet (not that it needs to ‘see’), which is another ode to the fact that it is still a work in progress. Nonetheless, the feat was extraordinary, and we expect to see a lot from Yokohoma in the future.

At 60 foot tall, the robot weighs a massive 25 tons, and has arms that measure close to 6.5 feet. Thus, this piece of tech is in no way ‘compact’. However, engineers from the company claim that once finished, it will have 24 degrees of freedom, which basically means that it would be able to go just about anywhere.