Source: Thought Catalog

Facebook is testing a new layout of Facebook pages to make them more organized and easy to use. This new layout, among other things, will remove the ‘like’ count from pages.

Initially, these new layout features were tested only for pages created by popular people like actors, authors and creators, but now a small number of English-language business Pages are being added to the test as well.

The new layout definitely looks simpler, and a little similar to Instagram. In this layout, the bio will be seen directly under the pages’ username. By removing the “like’ button Facebook has created more space for organising other information like follower count, category and so on. The’like’ option has always been quite a confusing one, for followers as well as creators.  Facebook pages, with this potential update, will be able to comment post across Facebook as a page.

In addition to this, Facebook has also tried to improve the insights section. If the test is approved, then the page managers will be able to view post specific insights like ‘most performing posts’. It will also compare the page’s Facebook and Instagram insights (which are linked) for better results.

Moreover, Facebook is also testing a new version of its ‘edit access’ page wherein page owners can decide who can post, send Direct Messages and respond to comments.

Facebook is also trying group related notifications together so that page owners receive fewer notifications from their pages.

With the pandemic, all creates have turned to social media to connect with their audience so this is the perfect time for Facebook to roll out new and improved layouts for content creators.