Continuing with his habit of bringing futuristic science fiction like stuff to reality, Elon Musk has now revealed a breathtakingly futuristic looking design rendition of Tesla’s upcoming gigafactory in Berlin.

Musk had confirmed plans to come up with a gigafactory in Germany back in November last year. He revealed the same while accepting an award for the best mid-size car, which went to Tesla Model 3. Ironically, he accepted the award and made the announcement right in front of the Audis and BMWs sitting in the audience. “Some of the best cars in the world are obviously made in Germany,” Musk had said then. He said the country is “not that far behind” in electric cars, while also acknowledging that the market for them is “unproven.”

However, construction and work on the site has moved rather slow. That has been largely been due to issues with locals and environmentalists due to the cutting down the forest at the site. And while those issues were being looked into, the COVID-19 pandemic happened, shifting all focus towards saving lives.

Nevertheless, things seem to be finally moving forward again. Tesla too has offered changes in its construction plans, in order to accommodate for the deforestation that it will have to do. Musk revealing the design is an affirmation in itself, that things indeed have moved ahead well.

In terms of design, it is without a doubt, coming straight from the future, something that has become more of a habit for Elon Muks off late. The roof features a massive barrage of solar panels, suggesting that the plant may extract significant energy from those panels itself.

There’s also what appears to be a pool or some kind of water feature on the roof.

Musk previously suggested that the factory could have an underground club for “mega raves”:

But then, as futuristic as the design looks, it will be good to see this being constructed as it is. Critics have argued that similar stunning design renders came in for other Tesla gigafactories as well, but the reality was strikingly different. Hoping that is not the case this time.