Xiaomi has launched yet another, one of those odd new experimental pieces of tech today. The company is crowdfunding in India, a new ‘Electronic Air compressor’. The device, which can be genuinely handy for regular cyclists, football fans, long haul bikers etc. is available at a crowdfunding price of 2299 apiece, and can be purchased from Xiaomi’s official Mi Store.

To get the basics right, an air compressor is basically used to convert energy from a motor or a similar device to compressed air. This compressed air is then used for an infinite number of purposes, some of the basic ones being filling your vehicle tyre tubes, footballs among others. You remember those large sized cylinder-like machines that mechanics use to fill air? Well, that is an air compressor, albeit in a much larger form.

Xiaomi’s air compressor is a nifty little portable one, with a digital screen that displays air pressure. The device also comes with its own re-chargeable 2000 mAh Lithium Ion battery and can be used to do basic stuff such as filling bicycle tubes, football tubes etc. Theoretically, Xiaomi says it can inflate tyre up to 145 PSI pressure. Ideal for car, motorbike, Cycle tyres and football. Practical numbers will only come out once its available in the open.

The nozzle in the front seems universal and comes with a connector that holds it tightly along the surface of the material you are filling compressed air in.  To use this, one can remove the high-pressure air hose from its compartment, then the air compressor will be automatically turn on.

If you wish to grab one, you can head on to Xiaomi’s Crowdfunding Mi Store and support the same. There are currently 4000 units up for grabs.