In a news that has become common to ears, yet another major tech company has announced opting out of an in-person trade show. The company this time is Samsung and trade show in question is Europe’s IFA 2020. The Korean electronics giant has now confirmed earlier reports, that it will not be participating in this year’s IFA.

In a statement sent to TechCrunch, Samsung said, “We have taken the exciting decision to share our latest news and announcements at our own digital event in early September. While Samsung will not be participating in IFA 2020, we look forward to our continued partnership with IFA in the future.”

It is a no-brainer that the announcement comes because of the ongoing COVID-19 siuation. And no matter how much governments try to pacify people that the “peak is over”, it clearly isn’t enough to bring back confidence just as yet. The announcement comes after European Union announced allowing travelling from 15 countries except the US, Russia and Brazil.

IFA 2020, perhaps among a rare breed of trade shows that will happen in-person this year, may not loose excessively from Samsung’s opt-out. But such exclusion announcements can have a ripple effect across the industry, considering the weight and might Samsung carries with itself.