Google Meet

Meet, Google’s video-conferencing competitor to Zoom, MS Teams and others, has announced that Meet will be joining its email app, Gmail. As a result of this nifty little integration, users will now be able to enter meetings right in the app itself.

This isn’t widely different from the way things work right now. You receive a link to join a meeting, which takes you directly to the Meet app, similar to how Zoom works. However, with the new integration, users will be able to join meetings directly in the Gmail app. This would promote users to opt for Meet over its competitors, which come with the hassle of downloading a seperate app.

However, is this update consequential enough to turn the tide in Meet’s favour? We think not. That being said, Google has something else up its sleeve which might be.

In a few weeks from now, Google will introduce a separate “Meet” section at the bottom of the email app. This section can be used to check up on scheduled meetings using Google Calendar, start new meetings, and get a link to share or schedule a meeting in Calendar.

This feature might become an intrusion for some. Not everyone is excited about the idea that their favorite email app will become a part email part video conferencing app. If you are one of those, you can choose to turn the new ” Meet” tab off completely. However, for those who do in fact want to use the new video conferencing feature, this new tab can be a gamechanger.

Most of the people don’t open Zoom app unless it’s through a link. This link is sent through different apps, which makes the whole process of creating a link, sending a link, receiving a link and joining a meeting quite taxing. With the new feature, users will be able to do the whole process in a single platform, starting from the creation of a link to the completion of a meeting.