Billionaire Anand Mahindra, owner of multi-billion Indian business conglomerate Mahindra and Mahindra, has invested $1 million in a Gurugram based social media startup Hapramp. The blockchain startup identifies itself as an idea lab that is “Working on the ideas that emerge from the confluence of the Creative Industry and Information Economy.”

The social media startup intends to use this seed funding to work on big social media challenges such as user privacy, data security, and fair content monetization as part of its product offering. The startup’s USP is tech base, wherein it uses blockchain to develop these products.

Hapramp is a platform that aims to give people the monetary benefits of the data and content they produce. For example, its social networking platform GoSocial, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store, has been marketed as “the best app for creators (photographers, artists, and writers) to find inspiration, exciting contests, and challenges created by experts.” You can participate in various sorts of challenges and giveaways and make an earning from the content you post.

A big part of the GoSocial experience are the streaks. These streaks work in a similar fashion to those on Snapchat, in the sense that to maintain a streak, you have to make a post everyday. “Pick 1 to 5 days streak for trying out that creative idea or genre. Take a 1 to 2 weeks long streak to experiment. Take 1 month-long streak to completely learn it. Take a 6-month long streak to master the skill. And if you want to have a creative ritual of your own, take a one-year-long streak,” the company says.

You can take photography challenges by posting a picture everyday, Art challenges which encourage you to post your recent sketches, writing challenges to help you make a habit of writing and so on. You can also take part in contests from various fields like photography, art, writing, designing and win prizes, which include “amazon gift cards, mobile camera lenses, camera accessories, courses, and free travel.”

The platform also brings you in contact with experts from various fields, by helping you take up challenges that have been posted by them. “The challenges will help you discover new genres and push you to try out new techniques.”

Moreover, the company is also working on 1Ramp, which is similar to GoSocial but rewards you with cryptocurrency for every like you get (hence the ‘blockchain startup’ part), which is powered by Steem Blockchain.

Last but not least, Hapramp is also working on “Asteria Protocol” which is essentially a “New standard to treat and store user data that makes privacy and security accessible to all.”