Largely along expected lines, Apple suppliers Foxconn and Wistron have suspended their respective production facilities in India on account of a 3 week national lockdown. In a response to Bloomberg news, Foxconn said that it is suspending production till April 14, with further decisions to come post receiving government directives. Wistron said it is also suspending production along similar lines.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an unprecedented 21 day (3 week) nationwide lockdown, in what is the biggest such global measure to contain the spread of coronavirus.

It was not immediately clear as to which products will be affected with this closure and the impact on Apple’s overall supply chain. Apple’s China production partners are facing similar closures, though China has hinted at opening up the lockdown by April 1st week. In India, Apple primarily manufactures iPhones with most of them being slightly older models. The models are largely made for domestic consumption.

India, which has 582 infections so far, has announced some of the toughest measures to contain the spread of deadly coronavirus infections. Additionally, the federal government announced a $2 billion immediate investment in healthcare to contain the spread.

WHO says India is still in Stage 2 of transmission, wherein infections are primarily happening due to contact with previously infected individuals. Modi government is pulling all stops to ensure that the country does not reach Stage 3, wherein community transmission begins, something that we have started witnessing in the US now. So far, government measures have been successful.