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Coronavirus is a pandemic now — no running from the demon. As people try to avoid contact as much as possible, having a stranger show up at your doorstep, even if it is your parcel delivery guy, is certainly not a welcome sight nowadays. In these desperate times and tumbling sales, companies have turned to desperate (and innovative) measures. British food delivery app Deliveroo has also jumped on the bandwagon, introducing an interesting no-contact delivery option.

The company recognised people’s fear of contacting strangers and decided to add the option of leaving the food at the customer’s door to bring physical interaction to a minimum. Customers have been raising this concern from a while now and Deliveroo decided to ‘deliver’, to ensure safety and customer satisfaction.

The option will become available next week in which users will be able to request a no-contact drop-off service through the app itself. Deliveroo had already provided restaurants with extra packaging to keep food protected from the virus during the preparation and delivery process. Still, the dread of the virus is pervasive in the country, as well as globally.

Governments around the world are struggling to contain the outbreak, being compelled to take drastic measures. US president Donald Trump has imposed a ban on European travel, a decision that has hit 26 countries in the region. India has also banned tourists from entering the country effective until 15th April, a date that is subjective to changes.

The UK government is trying its best to salvage the situation and has announced last week that it would ease sick pay rules, reducing the minimum number of days a worker has to be off work for before qualifying for pay. The pandemic of coronavirus, as World Health Organisation has recognised it so, has reached Europe, with Italy being recognised as the hub of the virus in the region. As of yesterday, the coronavirus cases in UK reached a mind boggling 460, killing about 8 people so far.

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