As China tries to limp back to parity after a decrease in the number of new coronavirus cases, the government on Monday released data for the mobile retail business, showing a substantial decrease in the number of smartphones sold by Apple in the month of February.

The data released shows a sharp decline in the smartphone retail business for the month of February. Most significant of them all, were numbers for Apple. Apple devices plummeted to just 494,000 units from over 1.27 million in February 2019. In contrast, the number hovered at around 2 Million in January.

The downfall isn’t just limited to Apple as the entire smartphone market has taken a nosedive. The data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology showed (CAICT) shows the number of units shipped in February fell to 6.34 million, a reduction of 54.7% from 14 million in February last year.

Other major players like Huawei and Xiaomi returned even poorer numbers as they collectively saw shipments decline from 12.72 million units in February 2019 to 5.85 million.

Previously, Apple had shut down its operations in China in the wake of the relentless virus spread. The California based company had also adjusted the revenue forecasts for the upcoming fiscal quarter amid difficulties with production while having a chunk of its wealth wiped as the US stock market took a free-fall throughout last week.

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