Source: Deepanker Verma @Pexels

Spotify is supposedly working on a brand new feature, that would aim at keeping users updated of latest releases from their favorite artists. The feature, called “Follow Feed” was uncovered by popular reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong. She posted screenshot of a ‘Follow Feed’ on Spotify of artists that people may want to follow, thus enhancing the platform from a mere tool for streaming music to being more social media oriented.

Jane recently took it upon herself to post a screenshot on Twitter with the caption: “Spotify is working on “Follow Feed” of “New releases from artists you follow and more”.”

The screenshot housed the “follow” button under the “profiles” of various artists, giving users the ability to follow said artists to keep updated with the new releases that come out from them. If the feature does roll out, you will never miss out on a song from your favourite artist.

However, there’s more to this feed than what’s on the surface. Apart from the added functionality, this feature will lead to a complete overhaul of the Spotify model, turning it into a more ‘social media’-esque platform.  Thus, we might have to get used to a completely different Spotify than we are used to right now.

A user @aldishsaga asked Jane, “@wongmjane The song lyrics on spotify, will it come true soon?” To this Jane replied that she had no idea.

Jane has also uncovered similar secrets from other companies in the past like Instagram and Facebook. Just a little while back, she used similar processes to generate screenshots of an upcoming feature on Instagram that might bring back the reverse chronological feed on the platform and a new tabbed feed on Facebook that makes access to ‘Most Recent’ and ‘Already Seen’ feeds easier.