Amid a plateauing growth for Facebook’s main social media platform, the company is now looking at monetising the media platforms that it has acquired so far. And while Whatsapp Ads continues to face criticism and doesn’t seem to seeing light of the day soon, the baton is now with Instagram to shore up revenues for Facebook. As a result, Instagram’s video service IGTV may finally enable creators to start earning money after around 18 months of launching the same. The company has confirmed to TechCrunch that it has internally prototyped an Instagram Partner Program.

The program would enable creators to earn money by showing advertisements along with their videos. The company believes that with giving creators a way to generate earnings from IGTV, they might be inspired to create more higher quality content.

While not much is known about this program at this time, the report claims that it could be similar to Facebook Watch where video producers earn a 55% cut of revenue from “Ad Breaks” inserted into the middle of their content.

The report says that users deemed “Eligible” could choose to “Monetize Your IGTV Videos”. The screen explains that “You can earn money by runing short ads on your IGTV videos. When you monetize on IGTV, you agree to follow the Partner Program Monetization Policies.”

Earlier, the photo-sharing platform worked with a limited set of celebrities, paying “to offset small production costs” for IGTV content but was not offering a way to earn a profit. This was leading more creators to ask its users to follow them on other platforms where they could generate profit.

The development comes at a time when TikTok’s popularity is on the rise. With the quality of content on Instagram degrading, the company has reportedly been looking at other ways to boost the quality of content.

However, note that the company has confirmed this monetisation feature as a prototype rather than a feature being beta tested. Thus, there’s no public mentions, and there’s no Instagram Help Center information published about it.