Whatsapp is continuing with more feature showcases for its Beta users. Apart from the dark mode feature that was reported a while back, there are some fresh new sets of interesting upgrades, coming in via WABetaInfo. The app is coming with 3 new features that could possibly redefine the way it works.

  1. Automatic deletion of messages.
  2. Low data mode.
  3. Call waiting.

Disappearing Messages:

WhatsApp is all set to release a new feature that will allow group admins to choose the option of automatically having the group’s messages deleted after a set interval of time. This option is being introduced to tackle storage issues. Since group chats have a lot of messages, that can hoard the device’s internal storage. Automatic deletion of messages will prevent that and stop the device from slowing down due to heavy usage.

The option will only be available in groups, and can only be accessed by group admins, who can opt to enable or disable it anytime. They will also have the option to set a time frame for the deletion process. Available options will be: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year.

Image via WABetaInfo

If the admin chooses the option of 1 day, all the messages sent in a group will be deleted after a day.

The exact date of this feature’s arrival has not been announced yet.

Low Data Mode

This is a fresh update for iOS users. Low data mode will become useful for people living in regions where internet connections are sub optimal. If enabled, this feature will stop the automatic downloading of media over mobile data, even if the user has customised the options in settings. The option will also interrupt automatic downloads of voice messages.

WhatsApp already had a low data mode, but it only sprung to action during calls.

Call Waiting

We have all suffered a few missed calls because we were busy calling someone else on WhatsApp. Well not anymore. WhatsApp has introduced a call waiting option. Now, users will get notified of an incoming call even if they are already on the phone with someone else. They can choose to either reject the call or accept it and put the other one on waiting,

Earlier, WhatsApp would not notify users who were on calls of incoming calls but instead let them know that they ‘missed’ a call after they had hung up. However, the person making the call would get a notification that the person was ‘On another call’.