Internet is a beautiful thing. In fact, it’s so beautiful that everyone wants one of their own. In recent events, Russia has started working on its own Internet, separate from the pre existing global one, for a ‘just in case’ scenario. It is still unclear what stage the process has reached, but according to local news reports, the country is trying to build a more ‘secure’ and ‘easily controllable’ Internet. Censorship? Of course.

This is not the only time a country has tried to mold the Internet to its whims. China has been notorious for imposing restrictions on the way Internet is used, banning websites and even foreign applications from being used in the country. India has also gained some infamy, as it becomes the country with the most Internet shutdowns in the year 2019.

President Putin is a man of resources, to put it mildly. And thus, he wants his countrymen to have a backup, in case of an emergency like a global Internet shutdown, he told the world as he signed a new law, Runet, which would build the necessary infrastructure to maintain, essentially, a separate internal internet should such a thing become necessary or convenient.

The law is being advertised as a mere defensive play for now. However, it is yet to be seen if that is what it will really be used for.

The ‘cyber’ relationship between countries like U.S.A., China and Russia has been growing tense and while sovereignty is the word being used, the tension between these countries might also be a huge factor behind Russia’s haste to have a Internet of their own.

Preparing a personal Internet is harder than it sounds. Even with Russia’s ample resources, Internet is a giant web and untangling it to take some home will be very hard. Russia would have to implement its very own DNS(Domain Name Server), and physical connections to connect the country to the rest of the world.

While it is still unknown how far Russia has reached in the development process, it is certain that this is not mere hearsay. Practical tests of the Intranet have begun and Russia could very well be on the way to having its very own, homemade, Internet.