Google has just acquired the smart-wearable maker Fitbit today. Now, reports are coming in that the search mammoth was not the only company gunning for its acquisition. Reportedly, social media giant Facebook was also in talks with Fitbit, before Google came in and usurped its negotiations.

As per The Information, Facebook was willing to pay Fitbit around half the amount which Google finally paid. That if true, makes it pretty easy to understand why Google won the deal.

It is certain that Facebook’s interest in the hardware segment continues to remain alive and aggressive. This is the one field in which the company has been investing soundly over the last few years. With its Oculus virtual reality headsets, Portal smart speakers and AR glasses, Facebook is already home to a long array of wearables. The Fitbit watches would have complimented these AR and VR headsets. Think of controlling your headset with a watch!

Nevertheless, we can expect Facebook to continue with its plan unabated. There are other companies to acquire, or with the resources it has, it can always rapidly create and scale a home-grown division as well.

Facebook has shown considerable interest in Fitness tracking companies before. Back in 2014, Facebook acquired Moves, which was a popular Android and iPhone application. However, Moves was finally shut down in July 2018 due to lack of customers and development.

Facebook and Fitbit have made no comments on the report.