YouTube, PewDiePie

The worldwide influence of YouTube today is helping hundreds of thousands of video-creators make money by creating content. To capitalize on this further, MerchBar, an eComerce company which sells official merchandise and vinyl of over 35,000 musicians, is joining hands with YouTube to generate sales for content creators operating on the platform.

The views will now be able to see and place orders for the artist’s merchandise just below the video they are viewing. This will help the creators to get some financial boost, in addition to which they attain through subscription and advertisement.

Last year, YouTube announced that it was introducing additional tools to generate revenue for their creators outside traditional streaming and advertisement, and this new merchandise feature appears to be the most prominent one in this outset. This will allow the content creators to place a shelf beneath the video, where they can display their merchandise such as t-shirts, hats or posters for the viewers to place direct order for.

At the launch of the shelf feature, YouTube had partnered with custom t-shirt designer Teespring, and later also collaborated with DFTBA, Fanjoy, Rooster Teeth, Represent and Crowdmade.

YouTube claims that with the advent of Merch shelf and other additions like Super Chat and Channel Memberships, the revenue of thousands of channels has doubled over time.

Now, with its latest collaboration, YouTube is aiming to help the artists round the globe generate even more money. The tie-up of MerchBar, one of largest artist merch collector in the world, and YouTube, which hosts a channel of almost every known artist alive today, is sure to benefit the latter.

The MerchBar shelf will be available for under the video on both desktop and smartphones. Viewers can click on the shelf to stroll through the artists official merch catalog. Earlier, YouTube took a small cut from the sale of every merchandise, however, nothing of this sort has been made clear with this partnership.

The feature will first rollout for US before expanding worldwide. Content creators with a MerchBar store offering fulfillment in United States can sign up for the shelf from YouTube Studio.