Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans can never quite get enough of the wizarding world J.K. Rowling created. It’ been years since the release of the cursed child book, and longer still since the last book in the 7-book series made its way to the store. Nevertheless, Potterheads are still eager an on the lookout for more. Well, they are about to get their wish granted!

In August, Warner Bros. and Pottermore (The company owned by author J.K. Rowling) collaborated to launch the Wizarding World App for fans. Today, a premium tier of the app has also been launched. Called Wizarding World Gold (Reminds one of Tinder Gold and Zomato Gold!), the tier gives users access to a new video series, discounted merchandise, special events, and all seven books in the main Harry Potter series, all for $74.99 per year.

Apart from the above, gold users also get discounts at the Wizarding World.com shop, Platform 9¾ store in London’s King’s Cross Station, Warner Bros. Studio Tour stores in London and Hollywood. What’s more, they can also get a special Harry Potter vacation package at the delightful Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.

In terms of the app, every subscription will also include a personalized interactive journal. Each of these journals will come with member names, their Hogwarts house, and custom passages written for them. While this does not have any material value as such, in the Potter community, this custom gift is definitely going to count for something.

As per the press release, there will also be “enchanted keys hidden through the pages that users can scan with [their] Wizarding World app to unlock hidden secrets”,

When you stop and look at it, Warner Bros. and Pottermore are packing quite a lot of value in the Wizarding World Gold package, particularly for die-hard Potter fans who want to interact with the ecosystem at every chance. What’s more, this is also a chance for Warner Bros. and Pottermore to capitalize on the success of the Harry Potter brand, and give the community something else to talk about!