Amazon’s Kindle devices are arguably one of the most popular e-readers on the planet. While all age groups and demographics use them, the company is now aiming to target its youngest readers with something that has been customized to their needs (and their parent’s as well!).

Amazon has launched the Kids Edition Kindle Bundle. The bundle includes the Kindle device, a highly durable case (Because you know, kids tend to break stuff!), one year of Amazon FreeTime service, and two years of extended replacement guarantee in case the device fails or breaks.

Basically, the bundle us aimed at parents as much as their kids. With the FreeTime subscription, parents can ensure that an entire library of books is available for their children without having to worry about whether the content is appropriate for young eyes. With titles like LOTR, Harry Potter, and Narnia, the FreeTime collection is pretty huge, and should keep even the most voracious reader occupied for months.

Parents can also manage screen time for their kids including setting up the  bedtimes, maximum time limits etc.

Amazon has also introduced a gamification system that encourages kids through recognition for completing simple activities — such as reading for multiple days in a row! Amazon is also planning to extend the FreeTime unlimited mode with all its accompanying features to older kindles as well. That means that in case you have an older  model lying around, you can easily convert it into a kid-friendly version for the kids in your family.

The bundle will set you back by somewhere around $109. While you do get a lot of bells and whistles do make sure that you know what you are purchasing. For instance, significantly better Kindle models can be purchased by chipping in around 20 bucks, which would specially make sense in case if you are looking to get one of the e-readers for yourself.

Amazon will start shipping the Kids Edition Bundle starting October 30th. four You can customize your purchase as well and there are 4 different case designs, including blue and purple colors and rainbow bird and space station options.