Looks like it is adios (finally!) for the butterfly mechanism keyboard in MacBooks. Apple is reportedly doing away with the controversial butterfly keyboards replacing it with the new scissor switch mechanism. With an eye for detail and design, the company finally seems to be looking into the reliability issues of the keyboard.

The all new scissor switch mechanism would be something completely fascinating for a MacBook fan. It is said to feature glass fiber to reinforce keys.

The butterfly mechanism has been in use for Apple’s Macbook keyboards since 2015. Despite continual efforts made by Apple, the tech juggernaut has been unable to overcome the keyboard problems.

Users have, on several occasions, have made their discontent with the keyboard mechanism public. Issues that have been frequently reported include keys that work in a very irregular manner or just completely stop working. MacRumors quotes that the keyboard “could improve the typing experience”. The glass fiber would win against the tweaking butterfly keyboard any day. Kuo cites that the scissor switch design may turn out to be cheaper as well, although not as cheap as an average laptop keyboard.

The only area where the butterfly keyboard would win over the scissor switch is when it comes to thickness. Space is undoubtedly an essential aspect in the development of a Macbook and scissor switch could make the Macbooks slightly thick. Although thicker, the new keyboard will make hardly any difference to the user’s eye. Unlike the former keyboard, the scissor switch-based mechanism will include far better durability and key travel.

Apple has used the scissor switch mechanism in it’s desktop previously. Quo notes that the company will be rolling out the brand new keyboard design with the 2019 Macbook Air and subsequently the MacBook Pro in 2020.