Despite its ongoing tussle with the US, Huawei is likely to lead way for the 5G rollout on the way. The Shenzhen-based telecom giant has bagged a handsome number of 5G contracts outside China. The company is said to have secured 50 deals from countries like South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Finland among others.

During an industry conference, Ryan Ding, CEO of the Carrier BG at Huawei, said that the company is behind two-thirds of the commercially launched 5G networks outside China. He also said that the company has shipped more than 150,000 base stations.

Huawei is world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and it has been developing 5G technology since 2009. What helped the company, is ts massive experience in global 3G and 4G roll-outs. Currently, Huawei provides networking services to more than 170 countries around the world except for the U.S.

Other companies which are competing with Huawei for securing 5G deals are Nokia and Ericsson. Rajeev Suri, CEO Nokia, said, “We compete quite favorably with Huawei, with or without the current security concerns,” in an interview with Bloomberg. At the time of interview, Nokia had signed 42 contracts globally while Huawei had 40 contracts.

Huawei however, is still facing a trade ban by the U.S. The ban in US will affect the company’s sales, largely because of the maturity of the US market and the potential that it has. Additionally, this implies that Huawei won’t be able to carry out business with majority of the world’s largest tech companies. Google is one of them, whose Android OS powers most of Huawei’s smartphones.

Amif spying allegations from the U.S. on Huawei, countries like Hungary and Poland have planned a rapid 5G rollout with the inclusion of Huawei. Huangary’s Innovation and Technology Minister Laszlo Palkovics told Reuters that Hungary had yet to receive any evidence beyond what he called accusations leveled at Huawei. Huawei’s equipment have already been installed in western Hungary at a 5G test base.

The tech giant is working hard to earn trust of other countries outside. And recently, Huawei’s Chairman Liang Hua, offered to sign a no-spying agreement with India and also promised that it can shift its servers containing data from its India users inside the country. Even though Indian government hasn’t declared its stance on this offer yet.

Huawei’s CEO and Founder, Ren Zhengfei, said that the company’s revenue may drop 30% withing next years due to the trade ban. But he’s pretty firm that the company’s sales will rise again given some time.