Finally, Netflix is testing a feature that its users have been demanding for so long: a pop-out player. As confirmed by Engadget, Netflix is testing a pop-out player on its web version.

The subscription-based streaming company has made this feature available to few of its users on experimental basis. To switch to pop-out player, you need to choose a small icon along the bottom of the screen. A small floating window will then appear which can be resized and positioned wherever you like on the screen.

This feature will allow you to continue streaming your favorite shows in playback while you do your work. Especially when you’re sitting in your office waiting for an important email or when you want to finish your favorite show but you’ve got an assignment to complete. It should be noted that subtitles aren’t yet supported by the pop-out player.

But there’s nothing surprising. This isn’t the first time Netflix is testing a new feature. It regularly conducts tests of various features which, if perform well, make into the product. Otherwise, those ideas are dumped.

This feature might soon rollout for Netflix users on Windows PCs and Macs.

According to another report, Netflix is testing yet another feature – an Instagram-like feed. This will include a feed with trailer videos and pictures of upcoming shows and movies.